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Root Capital Proves the Business Case for Social and Environmental Due Diligence


Conducting social and environmental due diligence may be good practice for investors with an eye on impact outcomes, but it certainly costs money and time—and does it really make business sense? Root Capital’s new briefing paper uncovers the business case for social and environmental due diligence, showing how the practice pays for itself—and then some.

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TerraMar: Uniting to Protect Our Precious Ocean Resources

Ghislaine headshot cropped

Our oceans are a precious resource for all of us, yet they are under threat from pollution, overfishing and uncontrolled exploitation. Ghislaine Maxwell, founder of the TerraMar Ocean Project, explains why now is the time for every one of us to take the pledge and start protecting our oceans today.

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Global Supply Chains: It’s Time to Decide on the Way Forward

As we start using our new holiday gifts this year, it is too easy to ignore the miraculous supply networks that allow us to enjoy the products of human labor and ingenuity around the world. Sustainability is increasingly viewed as a strategy for enduring in a world of scarce resources and unlimited needs; but we seem to be locked in an endless cycle of merely reacting to deep-seated economic and social problems.

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