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Evaluating the Power of Impact Investing


The impact investing industry has matured to the point that investors expect rigorous impact measurement and management practices as part of an impact approach to investing. And impact investors identify transparency in impact performance as a key challenge facing the market. But until now, a method of compiling impact results across investments did not exist.

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ESG Investing Attracts the Young and the Wealthy


“The new generation of wealthy clients, as well as society as a whole, is increasingly aware of the responsibility associated with large fortunes and the positive impact of ESG factors on returns,” said the man responsible for Deutsche Bank’s global wealth business, Fabrizio Campelli.

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Microfinance Borrowers Gain Access to Impact Capital


From its head office in Zurich, the international impact asset manager responsAbility Investments has closed a US$175 million securitization of loans to microfinance institutions and those that finance small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging markets. Some 30,000 small businesses and 5.6 million microfinance borrowers will benefit.

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Learning to Invest With Impact


“Purpose is not a mere tagline or marketing campaign; it is a company’s fundamental reason for being – what it does every day to create value for its stakeholders. Purpose is not the sole pursuit of profits but the animating force for achieving them,” wrote Larry Fink, chairman and CEO of Black Rock, the world’s largest asset manager.

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Maximpact: Our Services


Maximpact is a global consulting group that focuses on sustainable community development and providing community solutions for global problems such as waste, water, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Our speciality services include providing community solutions, and capacity building, as well as training for refugees and migrants, including vocational language training and associated job placements. Maximpact […]

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EU Drafts New Rules for Impact Investing


The Council of the European Union is taking steps to encourage financial companies to increase awareness of the impact of their investments on the environment by requiring them to disclose how they integrate environmental, social and governance factors in their investment decisions.

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First Mover Banks Come Clean on Climate Risk


Eleven of the world’s most influential banks have committed to work with the UN Environment Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) to promote climate transparency in financial markets. The banks will develop analytical tools to strengthen their assessment and disclosure of climate-related risks and opportunities.

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Impact Investing Offers Opportunity to Wealth Managers

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There is a difficulty getting HNW clients interested in Impact Investing according to Wealth managers. Robert Rubinstein, Chairman & Founder TBLI Group, says ” I have heard this excuse hundreds of times. It is getting boring.” Robert says Wealth Managers need to lead the way.

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Africa Investment Forum Debuts at GITEX


The African Development Bank has launched an Africa Investment Forum as a meeting place for social impact investors. The Forum will showcase bankable projects, attract financing, and provide platforms for investing across multiple countries.

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Investors Assess Their Climate Risks


Investors are being put on notice that some mutual funds and exchange traded funds labeled “sustainable,” “ecology,” “green” or “integrity” may actually have very high carbon footprints.

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Making Deals in Impact Investing

Making Deals in Impact Investing

While both investors and entrepreneurs are embracing impact investing, they are having a hard time connecting. Why? It seems, it is a limited understanding by both parties on the opportunities of impact investing, the risks, and the realities and nuances of each other’s worlds.

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