Healthy Leadership in Healthcare: The Pope Francis Formula


Authors Dr. Erny Gillen

Just as an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to disease, so too can a poorly managed hospital lead to unhealthy outcomes. Leading a life and leading a hospital both have practical consequences and carry moral weight. Healthy Leadership gets to the heart of ethical leadership in healthcare management and describes a style of leadership that fosters healthy outcomes for hospitals, physicians, nurses, and patients. Distinguished ethicist, Dr. Erny Gillen, draws upon his extensive practical experience in healthcare systems, as well as his years of research and teaching, to develop a multi-faceted yet compact leadership formula. Based upon Pope Francis’ surprisingly open and successful leadership style and his writings, Dr. Gillen outlines an approach that encourages movement and healthy change throughout the field of healthcare. This insightful adaptation and application of Francis’ management style to leadership in healthcare is a notable contribution that deserves serious consideration.


Dr. Erny Gillen ( was born 1960 in Luxembourg. He studied Ethics and Theology in Luxembourg, Chur (CH) and Louvain-la-Neuve (B). Today Ethics & Leadership are his core interests after having taught Ethics and led Church organisations for more than 25 years. Last year he wrote an open letter to Pope Francis available in 4 languages (Deutsch, Français, English and Español). His early experiences with issues related to justice and social peace led him to study the autonomy of morality in the contexts of Religion, most prominently in his PhD thesis (Wie Christen ethisch handeln und denken). In Caritas Luxembourg, Europa and internationalis he defended the Samaritan Imperative as the foundation of all daily praxis of catholic social work. He was a core member of the delegation defining new relations between State and religious communities in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

Today he works internationally as a freelance ethicist and theologian.

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