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Why Social Investors Must Get Behind the Circular Economy

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The circular economy movement is gaining momentum fast. Yet businesses who want to transition to a circular model still find it difficult to secure finance. Social investors should get behind them and lend support to what will an important step toward a sustainable future for all.

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Much more than just a conference – Lilongwe Malawi, 14-17 April 2015


We need your help to raise $122,000 in order to restore land and change lives Maximpact is reaching out to its network to assist World Vision  in raising  the remaining $122,000 for the 2015 Beating Famine Conference in Africa. This is your opportunity to be part of a global movement In 2012 the first Beating […]

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Does the Social Investing Sector Need Activist Investors?

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Activist investors are turning the corporate world upside down with aggressive campaigns to change strategy and leadership. At the same time, they’re rewriting the rules of engagement between businesses and those who invest in them, contributing to a more combative climate in the boardroom and beyond. What will this mean for social businesses and the investors who back them?

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Why impact Investors and Businesses Need Better Ways to Communicate

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Impact investors and impact-driven businesses share a strong desire to see that businesses are tri-profitable, producing financial rewards, social benefits and environmental regeneration. Yet shared values aren’t enough for successful collaboration. To work together more effectively, argues guest blogger Antony Upton, they need better tools for sharing information.

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After Davos: Lessons for Impact and Social Investors from the WEF 2015

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The World Economic Forum has been and gone, leaving the Davos snow more than a little trampled. Now that 2500+ of the world’s most powerful people have flown home in somewhat fewer than 1700 private jets, what do we know about what’s coming in 2015? And, more specifically, what lessons did the Forum hold for impact and social investors?

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