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Weekly Deals: Natural Resources

weekly deals natural resources

There are compelling reasons for investing in natural capital -­ our ecosystems, biodiversity and natural resources –­ and the choices for investors in these areas are increasing. Here are three latest deals listing with Maximpact this week.

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Fresh and Live: The Women in Green Forum


Today, sustainability is moving to center stage and professional women are leading what amounts to a global green shift. Maximpact was on hand for the 4th Annual Women In Green Forum in Los Angeles to chart the change.

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New Biomimicry Deals Seeking Investment

Biomimicry Deals Live on Maximpact

Biomimicry, a design discipline that seeks sustainable solutions by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies, is an emerging field that is increasingly catching interest from impact investors and social businesses. We discuss three new biomimicry impact deals currently seeking investment on Maximpact platform.

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19 Ways to Find Funding for Impact!

funding options

At Maximpact we believe that more funding options are needed to increase deal flow and foster sector growth. Our registered members can choose among 19 different funding possibilities.

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The New Role of Impact Intermediaries

The New Role of Impact Intermediaries 302 x 302

The impact landscape is changing fast and progressive impact intermediaries are changing with it. In a recent article by Willy Foote for Forbes, Foote spoke to Antony Bugg-Levine, head of the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) about some of the current challenges facing impact investing intermediaries. Read our summary and opinion on this evolution in impact intermediaries.

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Changing the Way We Measure Impact

measuring 302x302

Impact measurement practice is moving on —thank goodness. This article charts the highlights of ANDE’s 2013 Impact Measurement Conference, showing what effective impact metrics look like today.

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