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Corporate Integrity Yields Financial Rewards

It’s that time of year. The lists ranking the world’s 135 most ethical corporations and the world’s 100 most sustainable corporations have come out, and there’s a world of difference between them, with just five listings in common.

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Green Bond Surge Expands

The market for Green Bonds is developing rapidly, proving effective at channeling money into environmental projects. Offering insights into this fledgling, but fast-growing, market, “Environmental Finance,” has just announced its latest Green Bond Award winners.

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Green Firms Outperform Fossil Fuelers 3: 1

A 21.82 percent return on investment over the past decade – that’s the proud record of The Carbon Clean 200 – a new list of 200 clean energy companies selected for this inaugural version of the list by the nonprofit groups As You Sow and Corporate Knights.

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