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Building ‘A Grand Coalition’ to Protect the Climate

The summit is being convened to form “a grand coalition” of energy and climate ministers with industry, finance and civil society leaders who agree to keep global warming to just 1.5 degrees Celsius higher than pre-industrial temperatures – the most conservative goal of the Paris Agreement.

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Fresh and Live: The Women in Green Forum

Today, sustainability is moving to center stage and professional women are leading what amounts to a global green shift. Maximpact was on hand for the 4th Annual Women In Green Forum in Los Angeles to chart the change.

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Maximpact: Bringing the Impact Sector Together

At Maximpact,we pride ourselves on our inclusive approach to impact investing. An important part of our mission is to strengthen the sector by providing a place where a wide range of impact players can come together and make impact deals. To make this happen more effectively, we’ve adopted a very broad definition of impact investing, creating a “big tent” that invites a diverse range of players under the same roof.

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