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Nature-based Solutions Key to Millions of Green Jobs

Twenty million new jobs could be generated worldwide if investment in nature-based solutions were tripled by 2030, a target the United Nations calls a key step toward achieving the world’s biodiversity, land restoration and climate goals. But the transition must be “just,” greening the economy in a way that is fair and inclusive, leaving no one behind.

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Europe Finds Funds for Rewilding

Catching on in Europe, rewilding is large-scale conservation to restore and protect natural processes and core wilderness areas, provide connectivity between such areas, and protect or reintroduce apex predators and keystone species.

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IUCN Conservation Congress: Planet at the Crossroads

“The IUCN Congress will set the course for using nature-based solutions to help move millions out of poverty, creating a more sustainable economy and restoring a healthier relationship with our planet,” said World Bank Group president Jim Kim, as the conference opened in Honolulu September 1.

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