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Water Reuse Community Explores Unconventional Sources

Survival of all living creatures depends on fresh, clean drinkable water. Ta Kuti village, Niger State, Nigeria. September 13, 2010 (Photo by Arne Hoel courtesy World Bank) Creative Commons license via Flickr

LONDON, UK, February 10, 2022 (ENS) – Drought is a fact of life for more than two billion people on Earth who face severe water shortages. The crisis has led water scientists to explore the reuse of non-traditional sources such as stormwater, brackish aquifer water, and municipal reclaimed water.

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Water Sector Spotlight Deal: HydroMentia

hydrmentia 302

Imagine a water treatment technology that costs less than traditional chemical treatment methods but which improves water quality by delivering low treatment levels using a natural and sustainable solution. Our latest spotlight deal—HydroMentia—can do just that.

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