Month: March 2023

Gardens Create a Wealth of Wellbeing

Blossoming apple tree in a walled garden at Sand Hutton Hall, Yorkshire, May 2, 2020 (Photo by Alan Harris) Creative Commons license via Flickr By Sunny Lewis for Maximpact Community Solutions LONDON, UK, May 13, 2020 ( News) – Just being in a garden results in benefits for human health and wellbeing similar to living in wealthy areas, a new large-scale study in England has found. At ...[Read More]

Impact Investing in Disruptive Technologies

by Marta Maretich Disruptive innovation is the talk of the tech world after Deloitte published its annual Tech Trends Report 2014 Entitled Inspiring Disruption, the report examines the changing landscape of technology with a focus on the how trends will develop over the next 18-24 months. Drawing on the findings of an earlier report published by McKinzie last May, the study identifies 10 trends dr...[Read More]

Oceans Inspire Global Call to Action

Diver explores a soft coral cave in Fiji, June 6, 2009 (Photo by thundafunda) Creative Commons license via Flickr By Sunny Lewis NEW YORK, New York, June 13, 2017 ( – Ending the United Nations’ inaugural Ocean Conference on a wave of enthusiastic determination, the 193 UN Member States Friday agreed on a Call to Action  listing specific measures to restore health to Earth’s degraded ...[Read More]

Closing the Loop: EU Quarrels Over Circular Economy Plan

By Sunny Lewis BRUSSELS, Belgium, December 30, 2015 ( News) – The European Commission has adopted a new Circular Economy Package it says will help European businesses and consumers contribute to “closing the loop” of product lifecycles through greater recycling and re-use. But Members of the European Parliament are critical of the new package. The Commission says its plan will extract...[Read More]

Afghan Evacuees Welcomed Warmly in the West

U.S. and Qatari officials meet in Doha. From left: U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed Al Attiyah at a joint press availability in Doha, Qatar, September 7, 2021. (Photo by Chad McNeeley courte...[Read More]

Germany Joins Asian Bank for Climate Action

By Sunny Lewis                                                                         Follow us at: @Maximpactdotcom FRANKFURT, Germany, May 3, 2016 ( News) – The Government of Germany and the Asian Development Bank Monday announced their intention to launch an Asia Climate Finance Facility (ACliFF) in 2017. The announcement came on the first day of the ADB’s 49th Annual Meeting, the...[Read More]

World’s Forests Going Up in Smoke

A forest of Nothofagus antarctica trees burned in a fire that covered 40,000 acres in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile in 2012. (Photo by Dave McWethy) Posted for media use By Sunny Lewis CONCEPCION, Chile, August 23, 2018 ( News) – Chile has replaced many of its native forests with plantation forests to supply pulp and timber mills that produce paper and wood products. As a resu...[Read More]

Why Finance is (and Always Has Been) an Important Sector for Impact Investors

By Marta Maretich, Chief Editor @mmmaretich If you were asked to guess which sector attracted the biggest proportion of impact investment, which would you say it was? Looking at the websites of major impact intermediaries and financial institutions you might guess the answer was agriculture, clean energy, water, or healthcare. But you’d be wrong. Finance still makes up the biggest single slice of ...[Read More]

Grant Funding: You Only Have One Chance to Impress Donors

MAXIMPACT BLOG November 18, 2016 Whether you’re looking for grant funding for your organization or to launch a project, applying for grants can be a smart use of your time and resources. Grants are not only awarded to non-profit organizations, but are also given to small businesses with missions that align with the funder’s goals. Some organizations engage grant experts to come in an...[Read More]

World Puts First Limits on Mercury Emissions

Stainless steel balls at the Minamata Memorial Museau commemmorate the mercury exposure that killed thousands. (Photo by quirkyjazz) By Sunny Lewis GENEVA, Switzerland, August 17, 2017 ( News) – From now on, for the first time, emissions of the neurotoxic element mercury will be controlled by 74 countries List of ratifying countries as a global treaty took effect on Wednesday, protect...[Read More]

2016 a Record Year for Renewables, Latest IRENA Data Reveals

Solar outpaces wind for new power capacity Abu Dhabi, UAE, 30 March 2017 — Global renewable energy generation capacity increased by 161 gigawatts (GW) in 2016, making the strongest year ever for new capacity additions, according to data released today by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Renewable Energy Capacity Statistics 2017, estimates that by the end of last year the world’s ...[Read More]

Decent Living for All Need Not Cost the Earth

Friends and family enjoying a “decent standard of living” July 6, 2019, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by lezumbalaberenjena) Creative Commons license via Flickr) LEEDS, UK, July 2, 2021 ( News) – Securing decent living standards for everyone on Earth while fighting climate breakdown will require fundamental economic changes, according to new research led by the UK’s University of Le...[Read More]

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