Month: January 2019

Gender Smart Investing Summit

Gender-smart investing is an idea whose time has come. You are already an essential part of a growing movement making a positive impact on the world, but together we can do more. Through collaborative dialogue and a shared commitment to action, we can drive change, scale capital strategically, and ultimately increase the impact of investment to change the lives of individuals and communities acros...[Read More]

World Pension Summit 2018

The WorldPensionSummit 2018 program will focus on ‘Investing with a sustainable perspective’. Both in plenary sessions and dedicated one hour tracks of choice we discuss the longterm components of vital ‘pension cross-roads’. This program covers all aspects of pensions, integrated and at senior – in depth – level. We are working on preparing the best program possible. Want to share a suggestion? P...[Read More]

Global Impact Investing Network: Investor Forum 2018

The impact investing movement is reshaping the future of the financial markets as increasingly people are considering the societal and environmental impact of their investments in addition to the financial returns. The GIIN Investor Forum will bring together over 1,000 active and aspiring impact investors to give you the information you need to be at the forefront of this market shift and help sha...[Read More]

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