19 Ways to Find Funding for Impact!

By Ana LaRue

Across the globe, the spectrum of innovative financing solutions for social impact is broadening. It is becoming clear that the sector is no longer just for funders and companies as new investing possibilities have evolved rapidly over the last five years.

A central feature of Maximpact’s platform is the ability to list impact deals and seek collaborative opportunities with others. What a first time visitor, who is still considering registration, does not see is the complexity of Maximpact’s deal search and its deal listing opportunities.

At Maximpact we are very proud of being the first platform to offer a very broad spectrum of funding options. Our registered members can choose among 19 different funding possibilities that include:

So whether you are interested in debt, equity or anything in between, listing your deal with Maximpact allows you to examine the potential of either opportunity.

Future of innovative social impact financing

In the future, we believe the different types of stakeholders participating in impact investing will broaden even further. New intermediaries and traditionally secular players will bridge the gap between financing need and investment reality.

And as more actors join the impact investment discussion, newer and even more innovative financing options will inevitably be created and implemented.

At Maximpact we are firm believers that open collaboration, co-investment and more funding options are needed to increase deal flow and foster sector growth. We promise to follow these trends with the mission to increase the flow of capital so that our members can continue to focus on solving the world’s most pressing problems.

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