Gender Smart Investing Summit

Gender-smart investing is an idea whose time has come. You are already an essential part of a growing movement making a positive impact on the world, but together we can do more.

Through collaborative dialogue and a shared commitment to action, we can drive change, scale capital strategically, and ultimately increase the impact of investment to change the lives of individuals and communities across the globe, thereby advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Between us, we will advance the standard and the vision for the future of gender-smart investing.

Delegates to the Summit are changemakers and global thought leaders hailing from all across the globe and representing the entire value chain of investment; from fund and asset managers, multilateral banks and development finance institutions, pension funds, corporations, and foundations and family offices, to ecosystem builders, financial intermediaries, policy makers, academics, research and ratings firms, and international NGOs already engaged in impact investing. A select group of high net worth individuals and philanthropists will represent catalytic capital, while inspiring entrepreneurs represent the demand side for capital. Whether you are already actively moving capital through a gender lens, or on the verge of breaking ground, the Summit will act as a catalyst for scale, strategy, and action.

We are committed to ensuring delegate representation from both the Global South and North regions – from South Africa to Sweden, Jakarta to Japan, London to Lima, and beyond.

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