A Hero’s Journey to Healthy Leadership

On his career journey to finally becoming a member of the Executive Committee of a listed German industrial company the ambitious Martin Fox faces obstacles he wasn’t prepared for. The Chairman of the Board and the CEO set an industry changing direction for the company and dare to put the stinking fish on the table. Martin Fox’s thoughtfully designed and executed tactics with all its efforts and pains lead him into an unexpected impasse.
Martina Violetta Jung describes the transformation of a top-manager whose world is visibly shaken when confronted with new perspectives. Slowly a new type of leader arises in Martin Fox. His conversion from a greedy and authoritarian manager to a healthy leader requires a courageous quest where he battles his dark side. Like Pope Francis, to whom the book is dedicated, the author believes in the (divine) forces of accountability, love and mercy.

This fictional yet realistic story could happen in many companies (and organisations) today. It provides a masterpiece for business people searching for true transformation from just making money to an economy where serving people and planet stand paramount. The encouraging story can be read as Martin Fox’s journey and it can serve as a great business guide on how to transform through innovative, concrete and plausible steps.

Worth reading a couple of times.

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