BOOK: The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap to Success

Ask yourself, “What would be the perfect job?” 

How about a doctor, a lawyer, a banker, a social worker, a business owner or even an entrepreneur? However the question is answered, not many individuals answer “the perfect job would be a social entrepreneur”?

Why? Is it because no one wants to be a social entrepreneur or is it that the concept of Social Entrepreneurship is not fully understood?

As an entrepreneur, being part of the process that builds value to both you and your business is an extremely fulfilling experience. However, imagine being part of a something larger, something that ultimately becomes a movement that could better the lives of others?  Imagine positively impacting the lives of those around you, while still making a living? 

Wow! When we think about it that way, talk about exciting!

Simply put, business is business. As discussed in my book, “The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap to Success”, business fundamentals are the same no matter the business or industry. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if it is for profit business or a not for profit business – the foundations upon which good business practices are built are universal.   

The fundamental difference is the social entrepreneur‘s decisions and choices are, or at least should be, made on the premise of what is best for the greater good of the society as a whole. 

As a entrepreneur, I was focused on growing the business, hiring good employees and maximizing profit. Imagine a world in which each decision is weighed not only on what is best for the bottom line, but on the impact it would have on the overall world.

The responsibility on this type of entrepreneur is enormous, so much greater than I have ever experienced. Social Entrepreneurship is not just a choice, but a calling – a calling that as a father and grandfather who wishes to leave the world in a better state than how I found it – hopes more individuals answer.

Randy R Steele is a lifelong entrepreneur and has had tremendous success in the financial service business, real estate, real estate appraising, greenhouse growing operations, and the mortgage industry.  He was the managing partner of Compass Pointe Financial, a wealth management firm dedicated to helping clients with their financial planning needs. Through these experiences, the knowledge he has gained is invaluable to someone wanting to start a business or someone wanting to take their business to the next level.

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