Cleantech Cleans Up: EcoBasalt and MetalloTek

EcoBasalt and MetalloTek are two companies giving cleantech a new polish. Both young companies use high tech materials to create products that clean the planet; and both are seeking investment on

EcoBasalt Ltd develops sustainable nanomaterials from natural, inorganic basalt (volcanic) rock fibers. After years of research, the founders have come up with a unique process that produces super thin basalt fibers that are highly absorbent of oil. EcoBasalt’s premier product, SB-1, is a unique basalt fiber system engineered for use in oil spills.

SB-1 is a winning package on several levels. It absorbs oil more quickly and efficiently than competing products, saving time and money in the wake of an oil disaster.

Large amounts of oil can be removed using SB-1, then reclaimed from the fiber, avoiding both waste and post-cleanup disposal costs. SB-1 can be recycled into asphalt and concrete for road building. All this means it has applications for oil spill response teams, governments, oil and gas industry bodies, marine salvage companies and more.

Metallo Tek is a startup company with a similar cleansing mission. It was formed to commercialise a patented soil remediation technology developed by the University of Queensland in Australia. Its flexible, cost-effective approach uses metal binding particles in conjunction with metal tolerant native plants (metallophytes) to remediate polluted sites resulting from mining or other industrial activities.

Metallo Tek has already attracted kudos for its environmentally friendly in situ soil treatment technology. It won the 2011 Australian Mining Prospect Awards in the category Excellence in Environmental Management and was a finalist in the Australian Innovation Challenge for environmental innovations in 2011. Now it wants to make its technology widely available, giving more mining countries access to an affordable, effective means of remediation and providing mining companies and governments a better way to clean up the mess their activities leave behind.

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