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It’s become more critical than ever to find solutions to the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues. From challenges around energy, waste and water, to the growing refugee crisis, communities need to find positive ways to address these complex issues, and to start building a more sustainable future. Community solutions are the stepping stones towards this goal.

Let’s take a closer look at what community solutions are, why they’re important and how Maximpact can assist you in effecting real, positive change in your community.

About community solutions and the UN Sustainable Development Goals 

Many parts of the world are in crisis. Over eight million people live in extreme poverty. A third of all food is wasted. Our oceans are being smothered by plastic pollution. These crises can no longer be ignored. In 2015, countries around the world came together to adopted a set of goals. Under the supervision of the United Nations, these goals; known as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, are aimed at addressing the harsh inequalities and critical issues faced by communities across the globe.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are described as “the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. The 17 goals contained within it address the challenges faced by global communities, including issues relating to poverty, inequality, climate and environment, prosperity, peace and justice. The UN aims to achieve each of these goals by 2030. Watch this short video about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to learn more.

To make each of these goals a reality, communities require sustainable, practical solutions implemented by engaged leaders. In a nutshell, community solutions are strategies that help to positively address the economic, political, social and environmental challenges discussed above. The custodians of these solutions become ambassadors for mutual understanding, which in turn encourages greater support for, and wider implementation of, these solutions.

Why are community solutions so important?

Without urgent and committed action, we have little hope of eradicating extreme poverty and preserving our planet’s rapidly dwindling resources.

Tackling something like the UN’s SDGs may seem like a mammoth task, which is why it’s important to create building blocks towards these end goals. Community solutions give businesses and organisations practical, attainable ways to make changes in their own communities. And, by addressing the particular issues of our own communities, we help to tackle the overall problem – one step at a time. After all, small actions lead to big change over time.

How Maximpact helps organisations to implement community solutions and tackle social change 

Maximpact is a specialist community solutions provider, which means we’re ideally positioned to help you devise and implement the right kinds of solutions to address your unique community issues. We do this by working hand-in-hand with municipalities, organisations, businesses and local communities.

But real change is about more than theoretical assessments. In order to be truly effective, there must be a real-world way to implement solutions. Thus, once we have helped to identify areas of improvement through our expert audits and assessments, we then help our partners to activate these solutions through hands-on implementation.

Examples of the types of community solutions offered by Maximpact

Whether you’re looking for waste management solutions wanting to improve your energy efficiency or wishing to help integrate refugees into your community, we can help. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Energy efficiency solutions to help reduce energy wastage, costs and pollution. Environmental pollution is one of the world’s greatest challenges, and it’s incumbent on communities to improve their overall energy usage. Maximpact can assess your energy effectiveness and help you to reduce your consumption by up to 60%.
  • Waste management and recycling. We offer waste management training and solutions, as well as practical advice on all waste types.
  • Water resource management and sanitation services. Water is a precious resource that must be preserved at all costs. Shortages affect not only smaller, rural communities, but big cities and economies too. We can help you implement sustainable water resource strategies, as well as guide you in harnessing the latest water technology to improve access to water and ways of reusing it.
  • Social and economic integration for refugees. Language and job skills are critical for refugees and migrants entering new countries. Our fast track to employment programme equips refugees with the language and practical work skills they need to find employment and start working as quickly as possible, helping them to become self-sufficient and socially and economically integrated in their new lands.

For the right solutions, get in touch with Maximpact

In helping to achieve your organisation’s goals, you in turn help to do your part in meeting the UN sustainable development goals. At Maximpact, we’re committed to helping our clients find the most effective solutions to their challenges. Our strategies are designed to help you meet the most critical social and environmental needs facing your community.

To start implementing the right solutions for your organisation, municipality or business, get in touch with Maximpact via [email protected].

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