Fast Track to Employment for Refugees & Migrants Programme

Our Fast Track to Employment program is designed to equip refugees and migrants with the necessary language for employment skills and find them jobs in many of the sectors we cover, including Retail, Hospitality, Care & Nursing, Safety and Agriculture. We have an 80% job placement success rate and increasing demand for staff from employers.

We work with employers such as the Beannchor Group, RGIS, Bluebird Care and many others.

Our unique programme finds practical solutions to the challenges that refugees and migrants face such as lack of childcare, gender-related and geographical constraints and access to employment.

We collaborate with employers, foundations, charities, NGOs and government offices who commission or sponsor this program. We also welcome opportunities to work with CSR managers, philanthropists and other potential employers. Find out more about the programme here – every sponsor makes a difference, all support makes an impact.

Did you know?

Your organisation can help give refugees and migrants a chance to start rebuilding their lives. Our programme can take refugees and migrants from zero level of English and equip them with the necessary language skills for employment within an average of 25 weeks. Social and job-market integration is achieved efficiently and effectively.

Integration of refugees and migrants is beneficial to the host country’s economy and communities alike. For example, for every hired refugee, the UK government saves a minimum of £8,600 per year.

Research has also shown that migrants contribute on average £20bn in taxes to the UK government. In the United States Refugees pay back more in taxes over 20 years in the USA than what they take out of the country. Therefore, integrating refugees and migrants into job markets will beneficially impact the host countries and its residents.

Success Stories

We have a track record of successfully placing candidates who have taken this Fast Track program.

Mourad started work at Little Wing Pizzeria as a trainee pizza chef and is really enjoying his new role –

“Maximpact’s program has provided me with intensive english for employment training and a job placement opportunity. All this happened within 5 weeks!”

Moustafa has settled in well as a pastry chef in the kitchens of the newly opened Grand Central Hotel in Belfast.

Mohamad, who is working at the Merchant Hotel in Belfast –

”  Thank you very much for helping me find a job at the Merchant Hotel Housekeeping team. I found the English language 5 weeks course beneficial. I look forward to having more lessons with you. Thank you all!” 

More candidates are entering the job market as a direct result of this training. Find out more about our Fast Track to Employment program and how you can help changes lives today.

For more details email Caroline Kennedy at [email protected]

For details of all our training and work across more than 200 sectors see

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