LGT Venture Philanthropy Launches New Impact Fund

LGT Venture Philanthropy (LGTVP) has launched a new impact investment fund with a global reach, Impact Ventures Global (IVG). Building on their success in supporting social ventures on behalf of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein, LGTVP’s fledgling fund invests in young organizations that offer sustainable, market-based solutions for improving the quality of life for less advantaged people.

Managing Partner Wolfgang Hafenmayer, explains: “LGT Venture Philanthropy now has a strong track record of 5 years of impact investing with a global team of 25 members on 5 continents. We’ve established the Impact Ventures Global fund as a way to increase the number of 8 million less advantaged people that our 27 portfolio organizations already benefit.” The fund’s main objective is to maximize social impact while achieving an attractive financial return.

IVG’s diverse portfolio includes both new and follow-on entities from Latin America, Europe, Africa, India, Southeast Asia and China. Each portfolio organization is handpicked to reflect the integrated interests of the fund, which include renewable energy, water, education, resource management, social market infrastructure, nutrition, agriculture and health. IVG’s commitment to its portfolio organizations goes beyond finance: As with organizations supported by LGTVP, its portfolio organizations are mentored by LGTVP teams based in their countries and have access to its global network.

IVG has listed five different deals on the Maximpact portal to date: Glovax, providing access to vaccines in the Philippines; Mukatri, combating deforestation in Colombia; Salud Digna, bringing affordable medical care to Mexico; Ecolink, providing training for farmers in Vietnam; Bali Recycling, improving waste management in Indonesia; and ToHe, developing children through art teaching in Vietnam. Each deal offers an insight into the social commitments that stand behind every investment decision IVG makes.

“We’re looking to extend our networks and find new partners and new synergies,” says Hafenmayer of his decision to list with Maximpact. “Listing with Maximpact seems to offer a good way to do this and we welcome its innovative approach to supporting the sector. It will be interesting to see how the platform develops and what benefit it brings to us and to the sector as a whole.”

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