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For many organisations and non-profits, the ability to write grant proposals is fundamental to success. Acquiring grants gives organisations the financial means to pursue projects and stay afloat, and therefore the ability to write a grant is a critical business requirement.

Research has shown that nearly $77 billion in corporate and foundational grants are awarded every year in the United States. To secure a piece of this pie, organisations need to ensure that they have the in-house skills to write thorough and compelling grants. Not having these skills means precious grant funding may be just out of reach.

This said, it’s also a fact that many NGOs and NPOs may not have the funds for professional grant writing. That’s where Maximpact comes in, with our expert grant proposal writing courses. First, let’s look at the importance of writing professional grants.

Grant writing basics: what you need to know about grant writing for organisations 

Many non-profit organisations depend largely on the income they receive from donors, which means that the opportunity to submit a grant should never be squandered. Grant writing is a skill that requires practice, dedication and a clear understanding of the organisation’s needs and direction, and for this reason, a grant proposal must always be properly crafted.

“A well-prepared grant proposal reflects a high level of organisation, planning and budgeting, as well as the commitment of the applicant to reach specific goals,” explains grant writing expert Penny Strapatsaki. “It thus earns the confidence of the funding source.”

In essence, a grant proposal is a call to action. It’s a request for a funder to help the grant applicant achieve specific results. To achieve these results however, financial backing is required, and therefore as Penny notes, a grant proposal can be seen as a “persuasive, well-supported argument for change.” If the funder believes in that change, they may donate the funds required to start achieving it.

For this reason, the impact of a good grant proposal can be significant. Projects that get funding can make a tangible difference in the areas in which the grant recipient operates. Simply put, write an effective grant proposal, and your organisation may acquire the funds it needs to undertake the projects it wants to.

Who needs to create a grant? According to Penny, any organisation that wishes to raise funds to create a solution to a problem or issue in a specific policy area.

Maximpact’s online grant proposal writing training

Maximpact offers an intensive step-by-step grant proposal writing training course administered by Penny Strapatsaki. Penny has over 16 years of professional experience in the implementation and management of technical assistance projects for major international donors, including the European Union, World Bank and United Nations Development Programme.

Maximpact grant proposal writing expert – Penny Strapatsaki

Having worked as a grant writer trainer since 2002, Penny is ideally positioned to help you hone your critical grant writing skills. Most importantly, she’s passionate about the work she does. “What I enjoy most about the training is the interaction with the audience, and the sense that participants are actually obtaining useful knowledge and skills,” she says.

Throughout her career, Penny has delivered training to NGOs and public sector organisations on grant proposal preparation, as well as on managing and monitoring grant-funded projects. She has also served as a grant reviewer on a number of donor-funded projects. This has given her particular insight into the minds of grant reviewers too, providing unique 360-degree training insights to clients.

Who should attend Maximpact’s grant proposal writing training course? 

Individuals who are new to grant proposal writing and want to build essential knowledge and skills to prepare successful grant proposals should attend this course. The two-day training can be completed from anywhere in the world, thanks to the live interactive online training.

The course will also benefit experienced grant writers who want to refresh and sharpen their grant writing skills.

Benefits of the Maximpact grant proposal training course 

  • Gaining an understanding of the work required before the actual grant proposal writing begins.
  • Learning how to effectively complete the different sections of a grant application.
  • Gaining insight into the proposal review process.
  • Practical training thanks to a ‘doing’ approach to learning (not merely theoretical learning).
  • The opportunity to work on your real project ideas and transform them into actual grant applications during the course.
  • At the end of the course, you have the opportunity to submit your proposal to Penny for feedback.

Sign up for the Maximpact grant proposal training course now

Master the art of writing grant proposals – your organisation deserves it. “Every training opportunity builds knowledge and confidence, and is a step that gets you closer to your goals,” says Penny – and she is passionate about helping you get closer to yours.

Read more about our grant proposal training, including pricing, course dates and how to apply. Then sign up to up-skill and bring this critical skill to your organisation.

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