Online training: the powerful and cost-effective way to upskill your organisation

Today, innovation happens fast, which means that learning has to happen even faster. Online training offers one of the fastest, most affordable and most effective ways to upskill a workforce – which is why more and more organisations are turning to e-learning for results.

For organisations to thrive, there needs to be continual growth. The skills, knowledge and tools required to perform require near-constant improvement. That’s where capacity building (or capacity development) comes in. Maximpact’s online capacity building training courses have been designed by a team of experts to deliver relevant, impactful training programs that translate into real-world results.

Find out more about our online capacity building and training solutions, or read on to learn more about the benefits of e-learning for your organisation.

Training as a contributor to organisational growth

These days, the businesses that excel are those that constantly seek to advance their employees’ knowledge and abilities. It’s not enough to hire the right skills for the job today and expect that those skills will suffice tomorrow – not in our era of perpetual development. Nowadays, workforces that continually improve the skills of their employees deliver better results than those who don’t.

But how to provide regular, effective training that doesn’t eat up inordinate amounts of your organisation’s resources and employees’ time? Enter e-learning.

“Employers who understand that training is a vital contributor to organisational growth are continuously challenged to deliver training that is practical for the company and beneficial to employees,” according to “Consequently, there is a need for employers to rethink how knowledge is delivered, accessed and shared across the organisation.”

That’s why today, one of the most effective and accessible forms of training is online learning. Its impact on resources is significantly less than that of traditional learning, while its effectiveness – as you’ll see below – far exceeds that of classroom learning.

Why the time to start is now 

Unless you’ve been stuck in a time capsule since the 1990s, you’ll have heard of e-learning. Perhaps you’ve even contemplated giving it a try with one or two staff members, or promised to look into it just as soon as that project wraps up.

The reality, however, is that everyone else is already doing it, and enjoying benefits like increased revenue, higher income-generating employees, happier workforces, and better staff retention.

The good news is that you can jump on board and catch up. E-learning is so accessible, and so quick to implement, that you could – and should – start right away.

Why e-learning is so powerful

Like most other things that have gone digital, the reach of e-learning is massive. While a classroom caters for a handful of people, there’s no limit to the number of people you can train online in a given time.

Need to upskill 100 people within the next month? No problem. 1 000 people? 10 000? No matter the number, you can start immediately, anywhere in the world, as long as there is internet access.

You don’t need classrooms, expensive text books or stationery. Learners get instant, anywhere, anytime access to their materials online – which makes it completely flexible, too.

E-learning is also fast. It’s been found that people who study online learn nearly five times as much material, in the same amount of time, as those in a classroom environment. Moreover, e-learning requires 40 – 60% less time than learning the same material in a classroom. Translation? More upskilling, faster – with less time taken away from work.

Finally, when it comes to retention, e-learning is the hands-down winner. According to, the retention rates for e-learning can be as much as 60% higher than those for classroom learning – which can be as shockingly low as 8%.

And the benefits aren’t just for your business. According to, employees who undertake regular upskilling enjoy:

  • Improved confidence and job satisfaction
  • Improved knowledge and skills retention
  • Staying up-to-date on the latest goods and services

Training can also boost staff loyalty and commitment, and instil a greater sense of pride in employees. All this creates a happier, more knowledgeable and more empowered workforce – a massive asset to your organisation.

Want to enjoy the benefits of online learning? Start here.

Maximpact is the ideal place to start. Our tailor-made online courses are designed to help create stronger, more sustainable and more successful organisations. Our material is engaging and up-to-date, and based on proven adult learning principles. Importantly, it provides practical solutions and on-the-job tools – not only theoretical learning.

We provide training for a wide range of sectors, including smallholder farming, change management, project management, awareness-raising public relations, marketing, grant proposal writing, fundraising, sustainable waste management and sustainable water resource management training and more. Each course is customised to your organisation’s needs, and can be delivered to either individuals or groups in both the private and public sector. Our online learning takes place through live webinars allowing participants to undertake practical exercises, ask questions and join in dicussions all in real-time. Click here to view the short online training courses and in-house institutional capacity building.

Contact us at [email protected] to find out more about our capacity building programs, and start bridging the skills gap to help your organisation soar.

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