Weekly Deals: Investing in Communities

What do a youth start-up acceleration program, a book distributor serving children at the base of the economic pyramid and a rural village educational program focusing on sanitation have in common?

One: their initiatives provide alternatives to national and global corporate and government programs. Two: all three deals are listing on Maximpact today.

Deal D000474

This entrepreneur is organizing support for young entrepreneurs in Belgium. Their three month acceleration program helps start-ups in launching their company while their second initiative focuses on helping kids of 10 to 15 to launch and develop a mobile app, a website or a product that they can build on their own or with the help of adults. This is one of the only accelerators around the world that doesn’t take equity in the start-ups that it supports.To further develop their initiatives this entrepreneur is seeking investment in the range of 25.000 to 250.000 $, depending on their upcoming growth.

Deal D000468

This entrepreneur has distributed over 100 million books to educators serving children at the base of the economic pyramid in the US and Canada. They are now launching the digital phase of their program. Their goal is to make the model accessible globally by adding digital content and devices to the products offered and distributed. This scaling initiative would take them to a self-sustaining level where they could efficiently serve the ecosystem of NGOs and others who aim to create educational equity worldwide.To make their vision come true, they are currently seeking investment of 9 million $ in 2-3 tranches.

Deal D000472

In the village of Turasha, Kenya waste is a serious problem. Much of the waste in and around the community is washed into the river: death and diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, worms, cholera, and typhoid are the result. The project’s goal is to educate the community about improving hygienic behavior such as keeping the compound clean of fecal material, providing or restoring toilets and establishing convenient washing facilities and improving the quality of drinking water by protecting and cleaning the river Turasha.This project is seeking investment of 35,000 $ which would include the cost of project activities.

These three latest investing opportunities provide only a snapshot of what can be found within the Maximpact platform. The more we can bring together the entrepreneurial energy and ideas with the capital required to bring them to life, the better for all, so stay tuned for more deals coming up in the future.

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