Why Capacity Building and Tailored Training are in High Demand

MAXIMPACT BLOG March 15, 2017 Maximpact.com

The critical role of capacity building programs in achieving sustainable development of projects, programs and businesses today is being recognized by a growing majority of donors around the world. There has been a recent influx of grants available for NGOs, CSOs private and public organizations for capacity building and tailored training, and it’s really no surprise. Capacity building and tailored training for NGOs CSOs can be essential in educating a team, organization or network to fulfill its stated mission effectively.

Challenges are an inevitable companion of any organization and/or project, especially if that organization/project is innovative or ground-breaking in its area of operation. However, some of these challenges can grow into big problems impeding you from obtaining your goals. When your organization effectively changes and improves to adapt to the fast-paced, continually-changing business environment, victory over such problems is possible, paving the way for higher levels of success.

Organizations can address many of their technical and/or operational challenges through capacity building programs.

What Exactly is Capacity Building?

Capacity building is a conceptual approach to social or personal development that focuses on understanding the obstacles that inhibit people, governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations from realizing their development goals. Capacity building also enhances the abilities that will allow them to achieve measurable and sustainable results. Capacity development is a process of change, and hence it is about managing transformations.

The main preconditions of any well designed capacity building program are that it is based on change management theory and adult learning techniques that allow for smooth and efficient knowledge transfer to final users. One of the main objectives of a capacity building program is to prepare a group or organization to be able to pivot and remain flexible in a fast-changing marketplace with ever-shifting conditions.

Capacity building measures may be created for different purposes and may take the form of different approaches ranging from specialized training and workshops to policy and technical advisory to mentoring and coaching. Some of the most common areas targeted by a capacity building program include:

1. Skills and organizational structure improvements

Upgrading TECHNICAL skills of existing staff

Adjusting and optimizing human resources structure

2. Performance improvement

Development of mission-focused communication strategy and tools

Providing instructions regarding how to adopt more efficient and effective technologies

3. Guidance in the creation of key partnerships

Learning how to raise funds through targeted proposal writing

Optimizing project management

Making a more efficient budgeting system

Creating monitoring and evaluation

The success of capacity building is measured by the level of the operational and organizational strength you as organization achieve through the program. The ultimate goal is to position your enterprise as a top lever performer within your sector of operation.

Capacity building is key to success for all business projects, NGOs, CSOs, public and private organizations. It should be implemented in a timely manner in order to maximize an organization’s mid- and long-term success. Investing in capacity building is one of the most important aspects of developmental work.

Capacity Building Benefits

Stronger Resources: Key personnel are given the tools, new skills and guidance in how to overcome the challenges the organization is facing through targeted capacity building.

Strategic Relationship Development: Resources can also take the form of key external partnerships and relationships that are forged and strengthened during a project.

Internal Operations and Management: Capacity building on one project creates a strong framework internally for future projects going forward. Management becomes more adept and valuable to an enterprise.

A Clearer Vision and Strategy: The mission of the project as well as the most efficient strategies for achieving it become more clearly defined.

Governance and Leadership: The project is more likely to stay compliant with required company rules and industry guidelines.

A More Successful Outcome: With a more prepared and equipped staff, the project unfolds more efficiently and effectively. The result is a more successful outcome.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder there has been an influx of grants given to NGOs and CSOs for capacity building. Are you ready to bring all of these benefits to your company or project?

Looking to develop your organization’s capacity?

Maximpact has been providing capacity building to organizations over the last several years. Maximpact capacity building expert network is highly experienced in assisting NGOs, CSOs and public and private organizations. We customized our CB programs to the most common emerging needs arising within 20 sectors covering community, water, agriculture, renewable energy and many others – click here to view all the sectors.

Maximpact has based its program on adult learning and change management theory and uses the most efficient knowledge transferring techniques such as:

  • Technical Advisory (Specialized consultants in 22 sector directly coaching and advising management in specialized fields.
  • Tailor made trainings and specialized workshops
  • TVET and VET including employment policy technical advisory
  • Distance coaching and mentoring

Maximpact capacity building programs are designed to build technical and operational skills to increase your overall performance and market positioning. We deliver customized programs to NGOs/CSOs as well as projects and businesses in 20 sectors worldwide. These and numerous other reasons make Maximpact a unique, indispensable partner in the provision of CB services.

If you would like to learn more about our capacity building program, please contact info(at)maximpact.com for more information.

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