World Vision Projects Ready for Investment

Are you looking to put your investment dollars towards improving the lives of children and communities? If so, this recent addition to the Maximpact deal-listing portfolio may be of interest to you.

World Vision is an international humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization currently seeking investment with its handful of different projects. The organization is dedicated to the sustained wellbeing of children, especially the most vulnerable. By working with families, communities, and partners World Vision is able to overcome poverty and injustice and ensure that children enjoy good health, are educated for life and are cared for, protected, and participating. Various project, many of which are currently listing with Maximpact focus on community development and help break the cycle of poverty.

Today, World Vision has an impact on nearly 100 countries worldwide. If their initiatives relate to the type of impact that that you would like to create, here is a list of different opportunities to get involved with:

Strengthening of Pakistan communities through recycling: This initiative includes two projects, one focused on raising awareness about economic value of recyclable material and activation of recycling plants and the other on the establishment of a recycling unit at tertiary educational institute to increase awareness and mobilize private sector interest and investment.

Resilience building for Lesotho communities affected by climate change: This project is focused on reducing drought vulnerability. The initiative will introduce relevant adaptive measures, approaches, and interventions, reducing climatic risks and securing livelihoods, food and income.

Improving watershed management and rural livelihood of Kilimanjaro: A project to restore and protect the existing watershed and build the capacity of local communities and institutions to better manage natural resources in an effort to increase nutrition and food security from improved agricultural productivity.

Peace building project for children of Kosovo: An ongoing award-winning project that contributes to the development of child-led structures for peace and promotes tolerance and inclusion in five different municipalities of Kosovo. Its next implementation phase expands the program into four more municipalities.

Ethiopian community-managed reforestation project: The 6000-hectare project is designed to combat the environmental degradation associated with the farming and grazing practices currently employed on the project area, while providing local communities with the economic benefits associated with the sale of carbon credits. The project involves participation of local smallholder farmers whose livelihoods consist largely of subsistence production of food crops or cash crops and animal husbandry.

Improvement of health workforce in Kenya: Kenya faces a decline in the numbers of health workers in the public service. There are approximately 18 doctors for every 100,000 people with around 128 nurses per 100,000. The project will focus on distribution of the health workers and effective human resources planning, staff orientations, job descriptions and management in the health sector.

All of the deals mentioned above are currently seeking partners and investment of $25.000 to $5 million.

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World Vision’s global development areas of focus.

[Image credit: Courtesy of World Vision]

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