Fiji Ministerial Sets Tone for Urgency at COP23
UN Climate Change Conference Must be Next Step toward Paris Goals

UN Climate Change News, Nadi, Fiji, Oct 17 – A ministerial meeting in Fiji today stressed the urgent need for progress to meet the pressing schedules of the Paris Climate Change Agreement and build a global “Grand Coalition” of action between all levels of government, business and civil society.

“Nations cannot protect themselves individually without all the parties to the Paris Agreement doing what they have already agreed to do and more,” COP23 President and Prime Minister of Fiji told delegates from 68 countries at the two-day “pre-COP” in Nadi.

Governments gather on November 6 in Bonn, Germany for the two-week annual UN climate change conference (COP23), along with tens of thousands of people from cities, states, companies and civil society organizations who are already acting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect their societies against climate change to ensure a sustainable future….

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